About My Categories.

When I’m Home
These are the posts that tell the story of the life at home.


The Places I Go
These are adventures I get into, the stories-good & bad, the places that I see, and the people I meet along the way when I am not at home. They are the places that I travel to.


Bug ‘Bites’
These are the posts for the foodies. It’s the crazy cuisines I try when I travel and the fun goodies I make when I’m home. It’s all about the treats in my life.


Hostel Highlights
Reviews and snid bits of my favorite hotels, hostels, and living conditions on the road.


These will mark the ‘Flickr Foto,’ Photoblog, Sunday Snapshots, and photo-heavy posts.


Dreamy Destinations
For every 1 place that I visit, I always have 10 other places that I want to go. These will be the places that I dream about making it to someday, and who knows-maybe one day these photos will become “Where I Visit.”


Random Thoughts
These are the posts that don’t seem to fit into any of the other categories.

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