About Me & My Blog.

My name is Lyssa, I’m in my twenties, & I still have no clue. I know that I love to dance in the rain, relax by a fire, watch movies with friends, take pictures that inspire, and travel to as many places that I can.  I like to picture backyards lit in twinkling lights and hanging lamps, and know that one day I may just stumble across a place that fits the picture…otherwise, I am still trying to figure life out.


There is no rhyme or reason to this blog.

The worst choice I made was originally naming my blog: Adventures of a Travel Bug. I feel like when people see that name, they instantly think it is a travel blog.

It’s not a travel blog.

It was named with good intentions-originally named  with friends & family in mind. They constantly refer to me as a travel bug and I wanted a place to share photos & a story or two with them (my ‘adventures’). But over the years, my blog became more to me then just a place to share my travels with family.

My ‘blog’ became my online journal.

So this is not a blog just about my travels: it is also the blog of my dreams, of my mistakes, of my living, & of my adventures. Quite simply, this is blog of my life.

I hope that you’ll enjoy. And maybe, with luck, it will even inspire you to have your own adventures, because lets face it: life is all about the memories of those little adventures.

Enjoy. xo

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