Travel Bug is Retiring.

I’ve never looked at blogging for money. I consider my blog like an online journal of my life. It’s always been for personal use.


I originally started my blog back in 2009 for my friends and my family. I was studying abroad—and like most who studied abroad—I started a blog to tell people what I was doing.

It wasn’t until I got back home that I realized how much I actually enjoyed blogging. I didn’t care if anyone was reading it—I enjoyed sharing my life on my blog, and going back and re-reading my thoughts. It was then that I started blogging about my last year of college. This was when my blog really became my online journal.

I moved from my blogger to my tumblr and started calling myself Adventures of a Travel Bug—based on a nickname from my friends & family.


Now, Adventures of a Travel Bug seemed to work well back then, because I graduated and within a year, I took my first backpack trip to Australia! It was then that I moved to this site and the next 4 years, my entire life was consumed with on/off backpack trips around the world. I’ve lived in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, the US, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, & Iceland…

I truly felt like a travel bug, and I was sharing my life —my adventures.


But as I have grown, I’ve started to feel like Adventures of a Travel Bug doesn’t work for where my life is heading. This is my online journal, and what is going to happen when I am no longer a ‘travel bug?’

Don’t get my wrong: I’LL ALWAYS TRAVEL.

But what about when I just want to tell you about my day? What about when I get an apartment and I’m not living out of my backpack? Or what if I want to share photos of nothing but my dog for no reason?

I have done some of this over the years, but have kept those posts to a minimum. I felt like people just wanted to see photos of my travels & hear those kinds of stories.

I don’t want the travel related stories to be the only thing I write about anymore—I want to be able to share any part of my life that I feel like, and not feel like I shouldn’t because of a blog name.

Therefore: I am retiring Adventures of a Travel Bug.



I will continue sharing my entire life with whoever wants to come along on my new blog:



I hope you have enjoyed the Travel Bug over the years. Now I hope you join me on Life, Travel & Chocolate as I live my life—which ever way it goes—and take you along!

Live well my beautiful bugs! xxxxx

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