Bug Bites: The Taverns of Fort William.

The downfall of my Fort William life was that the wifi in the hostel was very unreliable the moment multiple people tried to connect. This made working in the evening a difficult task.

On the upside—every bar in town has free wifi!

So, naturally, I decided to test out the wifi of every bar in town (there are only 4, so it wasn’t too hard of a task). And it was all for work purposes of course. 😉

Here are my thoughts. xo


Volunteer Arms Bar

I’ll start with my least favorite first. The bar was nice, but it was 100% bar—no food and the clientele seemed of the older variety. I just didn’t seem to fit in.


The Crofter

The only downside to this bar, is the wifi was on the restaurant side and the restaurant was frequently full. I felt a little guilty sitting there for hours when tables were full. Bonus: for meals, this was one of the cheaper options.


The Grog & The Gruel

Great selection of craft beers, dogs allowed inside—which I loved, and the food was reasonably priced.

IMG_5985 IMG_5989

The Tavern

This was probably my favorite. The staff here were just so nice & actually asked about my work! Downside—for dinner, it’s one of the more expensive of the bunch. However, if you order of the lunch menu before 5pm, then it was reasonable.

IMG_0086 IMG_6013 IMG_6007



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