I Only Had A Day In Glasgow.

Glasgow reminded me why I like to plan more then a couple of days in a town. I would rather leave a place early by choice then feel like I didn’t have enough time.

I only had 2 full days in Glasgow, but after 1 day, I got sick. 🙁 Luckily, it just seemed to be just a 24-hour flu bug, but it was still spent entirely in bed: achey, sick & sleeping.


Therefore, I can’t say I’m done with Glasgow. I haven’t given her enough attention.

I spent my 1 day walking around the center, the Glasgow Green, and enjoying the Spring weather. It was such a lovely day, and there were photos at every corner. I am very interested to see what else Glasgow has to offer: museums, gardens, & attractions that I would still like to see.

I am intrigued by this gritty, yet charming, little city. We will have to wait to see what next time brings! 😉 xo

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