Simplicity In Fort William.

When I travel, I like to establish routines in a town. I like to enjoy life as if I was living there.


Fort William was a week of simplicity. My routine consisted of working in the A.M. when the hostel internet was best, taking a couple hours in the afternoon to enjoy the small town & being outside—walks to the beach, afternoons in the park, ice cream & people watching—and later I would find a different bar to enjoy some free wifi & food.

IMG_6055 IMG_6009

It was so simple and so nice! After weeks of crazy & busy, a week of simple seemed like the key to get my productivity going. I not only got a great little routine with work, I gave my blog some needed love AND caught up on sleep & relaxation. I don’t think I would have wanted to stay still here for weeks but a week in Fort William was perfect! xo.

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