Photos From The Bus: Glasgow-Fort William.

The scenery of Scotland is without a doubt some of my favorite.

The views are absolutely breathtaking.

The bus, Glasgow-Fort William, runs right along the West Highland Way and the shots from my seat were absolutely stunning. It was almost beautiful enough to make me consider doing the full hike-I’d love to see the views hiding from the road. Maybe a goal for the future?

Well, we will have to wait and see. Until then, enjoy my views from the bus! xo.

IMG_5955 IMG_5950 IMG_5943 IMG_5934 IMG_5929 IMG_5919 IMG_5918 IMG_5915 IMG_5908 IMG_5900 IMG_5897 IMG_5889 IMG_5888 IMG_5877 IMG_5866 IMG_5862 IMG_5841 IMG_5835 IMG_5833 IMG_5824 IMG_5818 IMG_5816



**Please note, all photos are my own. Do not take or use for any reason without my permission. Thank you.

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