Memories from JDIFF 2015.

Another year, another JDIFF done & gone.

Yes, the hangovers have been mended, though our hearts are still a little sore.


I was a volunteer again!!

I was absolutely delighted about that! Last year was hard not being a volunteer. But I was back in the grind this year & helping out with the marketing team. Very different then my venues, but different in a very wonderful way!


Oh yes, hard at work taking photos with our iPads for the JDIFF snapfeed. 🙂


And now on to some of my highlights…

  • We had some AMAZING guests this year! Russell Crowe, Kenneth Branagh, Kim Cattrall…just to name a few! I fully suggest you head over to the DIFF Facebook page to see photos & read the #joinDIFFLive twitter feeds to hear what some of these actors had to say!
  • The volunteers—there nothing more I need to say. I love this group competely. Always a highlight!


  • The Film Quiz. It was my personal best year—I answered almost 10 QUESTIONS CORRECTLY! 🙂 🙂 Our team still may have come in very close to the bottom, but I was delighted with the night. Next year my friends, next year I’ll be back to the middle or the scoreboards! 😉
  • Going to the Jameson Cult Film Club event! I got to spend time before the film talking to guests, taking photos, and having an all together grand time—everyone was full of smiles…and Jameson. 😉

IMG_5548 IMG_5544 IMG_5547 IMG_5536 IMG_5526

  • Live twitter Q&A w/ Alan Rickman! That is all.
  • And last, but my no means least: OMGOODNESS—JULIE ANDREWS!!! It felt like the entire week was building up for this moment. I have no shame in admitting that I cried a bit! She is pure grace & humility & practically perfect in every way!!!!!! I was still full of little squeals just writing this!



It was an amazing festival, as it always it.

JDIFF is officially over: as the last bits of Jameson were poured, the JDIFF era came to an end! Yes, as the closing party came to a close, so did JDIFF…

But don’t fret, DIFF is alive & well. And the days are already be checked as we all count down to DIFF 2016!! 😉 xoxo

IMG_5669 IMG_5668 IMG_5667 IMG_5666 IMG_0291 IMG_0233 IMG_0264



**Please note that NOT all of these photos are my own. These are a mix of my photos, photos taken from the Dublin International Film Festival facebook page & photos taken from The Church Café Bar facebook page. Please do not take or use any of the photos for any reason without my permission. Thanks.



And just in case you missed previous JDIFFs, here’s my JDIFF 2011, JDIFF 2013, & JDIFF 2014 recaps. Enjoy! x 🙂

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