I Cried In The Dublin Airport.

I feel like since I broke in Bonn last year, my body doesn’t let things build up quite as much. I tend to burst into tears a little sooner—whether that’s good or bad, you can be you’re own judge.


I had a bit of a rough week a couple of weeks ago. The week started of in gloom of a hangover and the mood never improved.

I was hung over, work was stressful, internet wasn’t working consistently—and then after a couple days of all these little headaches, somebody got my debit card numbers & cleared my accounts. 🙁


I had to spend hours & hours on the phone with my mother & my bank getting things sorted. Then came the task of getting me new cards.

Only, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen over the next 3 days. I was getting ready to fly to the UK and I was still unsure if I was going to make it to the UK or not. Where do we send my cards?

I was stressed out all over again about the border. I was worried that they weren’t going to let me in and then what would I do? And where do we send my cards?

And then I missed my flight to Scotland.


Yes, after all the worrying & stressing about the border & banks & work, I missed my flight!

I started crying. In the Dublin Airport. People staring at me. I cried…


After a moment of crying at the gate, the airline assistant brought me down to an empty corridor. I continued crying while he tried to explain that it was “all ok, the next flight is in 2 hours. You’ll be in Scotland tonight.”

But would I? How could I tell him that it wasn’t just about a missed flight—that was just the last straw? And after all of this, I still might not even make it into Scotland? Is life trying to tell me something?

I didn’t tell him any of that. I just smiled & said Thank You through the tears. He then left me alone. I cried a little more.


A few more moments passed and I pulled myself together. I got another flight, paid for a 2nd flight, Yes, I unfortunately had to pay for it—it was my stupidity that had me miss the flight, not the airline! And don’t worry, I made this flight!

I spent the entire flight in knots curious about what would happen once in Glasgow.


Then I got to Glasgow and something happened: NOTHING WENT WRONG.

After all of my anxieties, I didn’t even go through border control. Before I knew it I had all of my belongings and was walking out of the airport….

After all of that, after the entire week I had had, it all worked out.

Worrying: it can be a real bitch, can’t it? 😉 xo.



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