10 Backpack Randoms.

I am an over packer. I am far too indecisive when it comes to, basically anything, so the idea of only packing 10 articles of clothing to make 20 outfits  & no makeup doesn’t work—I NEED A MARY POPPINS BAG! And you would think that over the years I would have gotten better at it—no, no. I still spend a week going through everything I own wishing I could bring more with me.

Eventually, I do get rid of half of the clothes I want to take and I tell myself that even though I’m a clutz, I only need 1 box of band aids—I can get more on the road. Forcing myself into a smaller backpack was a very smart decision. BUT, that doesn’t mean that I don’t bring a handful of items that aren’t completely unnecessary.


I have my clothes, my shoes, my 6 months of contacts & prescriptions, my makeup, my first aid/sewing kit AND my technology—what else could I possibly have in my bag?

Here are some of my more random items from my backpack. None of these are needed—but I bet if we meet in a hostel, you’ll secretly love the fact that I have some them. 😉

1. A speaker & a deck of cards.

Secretly, I think a deck of cards is a necessity. They barely take up any space and are always being used for Kings, Reign of Fire, Asshole, or a multitude of drinking games…and what is a drinking game without good drinking music?


2. Travel shot glasses.

This one I have to give credit to the mother—a set of 4 shot glasses that stack together so they take up no room, AND they’re unbreakable…you know it’s secretly better then filling up the bottom of the glasses from the hostel kitchen and realizing you just took a triple shot.


3. My planner.

I shouldn’t need this. Everyone has a calendar on their smart phone-right? But I just love keeping my life organized & color coated in my planner—and trying to juggle a job, blog, & life of the road: I need something to help keep my life organized. Plus, it means I always have a pen & sharpie with me—which surprisingly, not everyone carries with them!


4. Luggage Scale

I have forgotten this before…left it in my mother’s entryway after weighing my backpack before a trip. I didn’t realize that I would miss it until I forgot it. I prefer to pay for my luggage when I buy my tickets on cheap Ryanair flights. It’s cheaper to pay in advance. And checking my luggage weight is so much nicer then finding I’m 1kilo over at the counter and doing the bag shuffle in the airport.


5. Ribbon

I use ribbon instead of rope. I have tried a small clothesline before too, and it just turned into a big knotted mess in my backpack. For any of my travels/needs, ribbon is just as sturdy as rope and it works fine for me.


6. Earplugs.

I am a little embarrassed to admit to the world that I am a snorer—I also talk, laugh, cry, and hum in my sleep. Yes, people at hostels have told me about my humming. I wish I could stop myself, but I just haven’t mastered controlling my sleeping self. Therefore, I started bringing earplugs—because I can’t afford private rooms—and they are there for hostelmates to take. If they don’t use them, well, I offered!


7. An eyemask.

I never used eyemasks until I had been traveling a while, but let me just say: an eyemask & ear plugs & I can forget I’m in a 20 person dorm. 😉


8 & 9. Downy wrinkle release & Febreeze.

Let’s get a little gross for a minute: I tend to wear my clothes more then once on the road before I wash them. I just can’t afford to pay for my laundry every time I wear an article of clothing…I’ve actually gotten compliments before on how nice my clothes smell: thank you Febreeze.


10. A multiple USB plug

I don’t understand hostelrooms that have 1 plug & 10 beds. And since I work on my laptop ALL day, I start to feel a little guilty keeping my computer plugged in…until I got a plug that also had multiple USB plugs. Everyone charges their phones via USB these days—this has really come in handy.



I hope you enjoyed some of the more random items in my backpack. Again, I don’t think any of these items are things that I need. If I forgot them, I would be bumming, but I could make due without. However, over the years I’ve added to my list of randoms, and most of these items come in pretty handy. Maybe you’ve even picked up an idea or two. 😉

I’m always looking for tips & tricks if you have any! xo.

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