I Covered Myself In Toothepaste.

Have you ever been on the road and found your first aid kit running light? Well, I am one of those special people who have very sensitive skin and am very sensitive to bug bites. So, when I found myself in Tuscany absolutely covered in mosquito bites, I was very sad to find that somehow my Cortizone hadn’t made it into my first aid kit.

Well, being that there was no easy access to a store for another week, and I am one of the worst when it comes to ‘not itching’ (let’s be honest-I have a couple of scars from itching those bugs bites) I sought internet help to see if anything I did pack would help ease the itching pains.

This is when I tried the ‘at home remedy’ of covering your bug bites in toothpaste-an item every backpacker should have! It’s meant to dry the bug bites out. Well, I gave it shot.

If you can see how many bug bites I covered on my hand, you can imagine how many bug bites I covered on my arms and legs! Right before bed, I covered each bug bite with toothpaste and went to sleep. Here are my thoughts:

  • Be warned, and maybe it’s just my sensitive skin, but the toothpaste after a few minutes actually felt like it was burning a little. (Again, maybe it’s my sensitive skin or maybe that’s the toothpaste drying it out. Either way, it felt like it burned a little-luckily that was only for a couple of moments)
  • Second, the toothpaste by the morning didn’t seem to do a thing! My mosquito bites didn’t seem to decrease in any way, and they still itched like crazy.

So, I gave it a shot, and it didn’t work so well for me. I was still covered in multiple mosquito bites and itched like a mad lady. But at least I tried. I’ll definitely make sure I don’t forget my Cortizone on my next trip! And until then, maybe I’ll try other ‘at home remedies.’ You never know when you’ll need them on road.




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