Sad Truth: I’m Done My Christmas Shopping.

A couple of weeks ago I walked in a store and complained the entire time about how the Christmas stuff was already out and I was trying to find some cute Halloween items. I get a bit annoyed with the idea of Christmas over-shadowing the holidays over the next couple of months, 2 of my favorites-Halloween & Thanksgiving! So, it bugged me a bit…


Then this weekend rolled around and I was talking to a friend and we excitedly remembered that we are going on vacation in 3 weeks!! I stopped and thought-“that can’t be right, we go on vacation the 2nd week of November; no way that’s only 3 weeks away.”

Guess what-it is!!

Once again I was hit with a happy/sad realization-this is essentially my last free weekend until the New Year. If I don’t go to out this weekend, when exactly am I going to get my Christmas shopping done??

Now, I know one may be thinking-“what about during the week? There’s still plenty of time”.

 Soo…let’s run down my schedule, now until Christmas:

  • This weekend coming up, my roommate from college is going to be up for a nice long weekend visiting! I’m so excited, though it does mean that this week coming up is only a 3 day work week.
  • I leave for Florida on Friday, 10/26 for a Halloween weekend with family in Florida, and will be staying there for a week. So 1-I will only be working another 3 day work week next week and then 2-will be in Florida the following week with family for Halloween—we kind of LOVE that holiday. We’re silly like that.
  • And then of course, I am on vacation!!!! I get back 11/12, and it will be an entire week of friends and fun and NO WORK! Anyone near me lately knows how excited I am for that.
  • By the time I get back from vacation, it’s just over a week until Thanksgiving—another short week of work!!
  • This, my friends, has now brought us to the end of November. Am I the only one that thinks that the next 5 weeks are going to be gone in a crazy, little blink of the eye?? And of course, with all of the short work weeks over the next 5 weeks, I have to work many long days making up lots of hours—and that means I don’t have lots of time during the week to go out shopping.

Now, I am sure you are thinking-“But that only brings you to the end of November-you still have all of December.”

No worries, I’m getting to that.

I will be spending the first 3 weeks of December down in Florida. Let’s face it: I am just not built for the cold New England winters anymore and any time I can avoid it, I want to!! And while I don’t have anything exciting but work to do, I’ll be honest and say that I don’t want to have to do any Christmas shopping down in Florida. 1: I kind of like paying no sales tax on all the goodies I buy-it’s a NH perk. And 2-I don’t want to have to worry about shipping anything back home and risk it not being back in NH for Christmas. And since I don’t get back home until Christmas Eve, I don’t have much time in December to do any shopping once I’m back home.


Soo, in the end: This was my last, free ‘Christmas Shopping’ weekend. It’s such a sad truth. There is absolutely NO Christmas cheer in the air; one shouldn’t be buying Christmas junk now. Bah humbug.  I just feel like it’s totally, and completely, wrong. I may feel a little better when December comes around and everything Christmas-y is already paid for and my credit cards are paid off. That could be such a dandy feeling. However, until then-it just feels wrong. Soo I’m going to mope a little at home, to myself, about being on top of things, and maybe the anti-procrasination will continue with the photos and posts to come?? Fingers crossed, right? 😉 xo.