What Is Powdered Mayonnaise?

Yesterday I was enjoying a Sunday afternoon of cleaning out my dvr when commercial popped up (yes, sometimes I forget I am on my dvr and thus forget that I can fast forward through commercials), but anyways, a Hellmans’ Mayonnaise commercial popped up and it reminded me of a little story…..


So while in Australia I found myself as a WFA (Working for Accommodation) at a hostel on Magnetic Island. I was in the kitchen one morning finishing up my shift making pre-made sandwiches for lunch when the chef told me to go grab some mayonnaise to finish up the sandwiches.

Now, I’ll be honest-I’m not always the best in the kitchen and can have quite my blond moments. I admit I have my moments when I just manage to whip up some tasty pasta or some pretty good pancakes. However, for the most part-people tend to slowly etch me out of the kitchen when I try making something.

Well, I went into the back room and grabbed a giant tub that said ‘Hellmans.’ Yes, I at least know that Hellmans is mayonnaise. BUT, when I opened the container, everything inside was powdery. Good golly, I have never seen powdered mayonnaise and the conversation with the chef went something like this:

  • Me: It’s powdered? Do you mix it with something to turn it into mayonnaise? [Took another look at the tub to read Hellmans and then asked] It’s the Hellmans tub, right? That’s the mayonnaise?
  • Chef: [With back turned to me] Yup, that’s right. Just put it on the sandwiches.
  • Me: Ok. What do we mix with it? Water? Huh, Never seen powdered mayonnaise before-must be an Australian thing.
  • Chef: [Who now turns to me looking a bit confused] What? You don’t add water to mayonnaise…
  • Me: But it’s powdery?
  • Chef: [Now looking at the tub]…Umm, that’s flour….




The chef then went to the back and came back with another Hellman’s tub of actual mayonnaise. Apparently, in Australia, they do NOT have powdery mayonnaise. My bad. But hey, even though I’ve never seen it-maybe other countries do have powdered mayonnaise?? Well, if I ever see it-I will certainly let you know. In the mean time, we can just laugh at my slight mix up! 🙂



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